Travel Awards Awards to visit the Berlin School of Mind and Brain

The Berlin School of Mind and Brain offers awards for 6–8 students for one- to two-month lab visits in Berlin. Awards amount up to 2,500 € (depending on duration and travel costs). The awards will cover a substantial part of the cost of living for the duration of your stay in Berlin (accommodation, food, transportation). As a Travel Awardee you will work with potential supervisors with a view to elaborating on project ideas for submission to the Berlin School of Mind and Brain's doctoral program. You will take part in events and come into contact with students doing their doctorates as well postdocs through lab rotations and workshops. During your stay you will not only get to know the lab of the faculty member you applied for but also participate in scientific soft-skill courses and work on your research proposal for the application to the doctoral program. Application deadline: 30 April 2017
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