Request for unpublished data for a meta-analysis

Together with Agneta Fischer, University of Amsterdam, and Judith Hall, Northeastern University, we are conducting a meta-analysis on gender differences in experienced and expressed discrete emotions (i.e., anger, contempt, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness, shame, surprise, pride)

While we are attempting to ensure that all the published studies on this topic are collected by us, we also want to include all relevant unpublished empirical work in our meta-analysis. To that end, we would greatly appreciate if you'd be willing to share your published and any unpublished data on this topic or if you could direct us to other unpublished empirical work. In particular, for emotion expression we are interested in studies that assessed expressed emotions (the 9 discrete emotions we mention before) as observational coding (external raters, FACS, or interaction partners) or as self-report (emotional reactions to stimuli or tasks, recall or memory of specific events in the past, assumed emotional reactions to hypothetical events, as well as expressed emotions in general not with respect to specific events or situations).  We exclude pure physiological and brain activity measures of emotions unless they are accompanied by an observational or self-report measure. We also exclude pure stereotype or belief assessment about gender differences (e.g., no emotion detection and emotion recognition studies). For emotion experience, we focus mainly on research using self-report measures of the above mentioned discrete emotions.

We would be very grateful if you could send or refer us to an electronic copy of relevant research reports. Please send the material to Elena Canadas, Thanks in advance for considering our request!