New: ‘PhD Critical Review’ papers in Psychologica Belgica

Psychologica Belgica, the official journal of the Belgian Association for Psychological Sciences, has the pleasure to introduce a new paper format, the ‘PhD Critical Review’ papers. A lot of work typically goes into the writing of the theoretical part of PhD theses, which present in a comprehensive and critical manner the state of the art of a specific research topic. This type of work can be of tremendous help and save precious time to other researchers planning to do research on a specific research question they are perhaps less familiar with. Yet, the rich and critical theoretical background work that characterizes PhD theses is rarely disseminated in the form of a scientific paper. Psychologica Belgica encourages researchers who recently obtained their PhD to submit a critical review paper based on the introductory and discussion parts of their PhD thesis. These papers will undergo rigorous peer review like any other type of submission. Like theoretical review papers, these papers should have between 4000 and 10000 words, and should lead to a novel theoretical account and/or novel research perspectives. For further information, please visit our journal website: