Call for papers: Reward Systems, Cognition, and Emotion in a Special Issue of Cognitive, Affective, & Behavioral Neuroscience


Our understanding of the reward systems of the brain has advanced substantially over the past decade, leading to descriptions of the influences of such systems on cognitive and emotional processes both at a neural and computational level. The purpose of this collection of papers is to explore not only how reward processing in the brain may influence cognitive and emotional processes, but also conversely how reward functions may in turn be modulated by cognitive systems. Papers that examine these issues in a normally functioning brain as well as those examining alterations that may occur with neurological (e.g., Parkinson’s) or psychiatric (e.g., depression) disorders are welcome. Approaches ranging from animal models to computational examinations to neuroimaging and brain stimulation studies are welcome, as are theoretical reviews.

Preliminary proposal deadline: 7 January, 2018

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