2015 Oswald-Külpe-Prize for the Experimental Study of Higher Mental Processes



 Honoring the great tradition of the Würzburg School of Psychology and its founder Oswald Külpe, the University of Würzburg invites nominations for its Oswald-Külpe-Prize, which is conferred biennially in a special ceremony. 

The purpose of the award is to recognize exceptional scientific contributions to the experimental study of higher mental processes. It will be presented in Würzburg on the 20th November 2015. The Külpe-Prize includes a cash prize of € 4.000,- and the recipient’s expenses for travelling and accommodation. Previous laureates were Profs. Asher Koriat, University of Haifa (Israel), Richard E. Nisbett, University of Michigan (USA), Michael Tomasello, Max-Planck-Institute for Evolutionary Anthro-pology, Leipzig (Germany), Wolfgang Prinz, Max Planck-Institute for Human Cogni-tive and Brain Sciences, Leipzig (Germany), and Anke Ehlers , University of Oxford (UK). 

Eligible are scientists of all nationalities and without any age restrictions. The only criterion is the candidates’ proven excellence in experimental research on higher mental processes. This may pertain to different areas of psychology. 

Self-nominations are possible. 

Nominations must be received by the 15th of July 2015. They should include 

- a letter addressing the candidate’s merits with respect to the criterion of the award; 

- a current curriculum vitae and bibliography; 

- the names of two distinguished colleagues who are willing to write letters of recommendation. 


Materials should be sent to the chair of the psychology department: 

Prof. Paul Pauli 

LS Psychologie I 

Universität Würzburg 

Marcusstr. 9-11 

97070 Würzburg 


For further information write to: pauli@psychologie.uni-wuerzburg.de