Three vacancies in psycholinguistics (two pre-­‐docs, one post-­‐doc)

The interface between memory and language in multilingualism

We offer three positions in psycholinguistics in connection to the project “the interface between memory and language in multilingualism”.This project investigates language processing in a first and second language and its relation with memory processes. The project is unique because of its wide scope of psycholinguistic processes under examination (listening, reading, speaking, self-monitoring, of words, sentences, texts, and discourse), its focus on the interface between language and memory, and in its relation with educational sciences. The project uses laboratory studies (reaction time studies, “megastudies”, corpus studies, eye-tracking, neuro-imaging methods), computational modeling, and intervention studies in classroom settings.

The project is funded by a “concerted research effort” grant from the special research fund of Ghent University, awarded to Rob Hartsuiker (spokesperson), Wouter Duyck, Marc Brysbaert, and Martin Valcke. It runs from 2013 – 2018.

We are currently recruiting three researchers on this project. The researchers will be based at the department of Experimental Psychology (, of Ghent University (

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