Postdoctoral position - Improvised Joint Action, IRCAM, Paris, France


The goal of project MICA is to look at joint action through the lens of musical improvisation, particularly in situations of so-called « free » improvisation, bringing perspectives from ethnography, philosophy and experimental psychology. Through the analysis of one of today's most dynamic artistic practices, project MICA project aims to provide a major overhaul of current thinking on collective creativity, social cognition, and joint action. Depending on her/his background, the role of the applicant will be to conduct experimental studies into improvised musical joint action in order to clarify the modalities and functions of coordination in creative settings (following previous work conducted at IRCAM such as Aucouturier and Canonne, Cognition, 2017), or to collect and analyze ethnographic data on freely improvised musical interactions.The ideal person for this position is a recent PhD graduate with research interests in social cognition, group coordination, and collective creative processes. A substantial experience in psychological data collection, as well as with strong skills in experimental design (e.g., Python/Psychopy) and data analysis (e.g. Python/Pandas or R) will be appreciated. A background in music information retrieval, music cognition and/or music analysis will also be appreciated.

Application deadline: 30 April 2018