Postdoctoral Position at Newcastle University: Neuronal Mechanisms of Cognition, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom


A post-doctoral position is available for an European Research Council funded program grant on neuronal mechanisms of cognition: multisensory convergence for learning and memory. The scientific work is a collaboration between Newcastle University, UK (Profs. Christopher Petkov and Timothy Griffiths), University of Iowa, USA (Department of Neurosurgery, Prof. Matthew Howard III) and University of Birmingham, UK (Profs. Ole Jensen and Simon Hanslmayr). The successful candidate will work on cutting edge behavioral, fMRI and electrophysiological experiments in nonhuman primates to study neuronal oscillations, cognition and multisensory integration using innovative learning and memory tasks. Testing of cognitively impaired patients or neural recordings in patients being monitored for surgery is possible and will help to translate to humans the mechanistic information that requires the work with primates. Neural system perturbation by stimulation or inactivation will establish causal relationships for learning/memory. Application deadline is the 1st of September 2018.

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