Postdoctoral Fellow Positions in Computational Neuroimaging, University of Texas, Austin, USA


We seek two outstanding individuals for postdoctoral fellow positions in computational neuroimaging as applied to special populations such as mental illness, brain injury or normal aging. The positions will be in The Department of Psychology and the Institute for Mental Health Research at the University of Texas. The postdoctoral fellows will carry out research projects across multiple neuroimaging domains – EEG/MEG and MRI, and then apply advanced data analytic approaches (graph theoretical network analysis, machine learning, multivariate modeling) in well-documented patient and normal cohort populations. Necessary qualifications include: 1) a PhD in neuroscience, psychology, cognitive science, computer science or a related field; 2) experience with collecting, processing and analyzing EEG/MEG and/or functional and structural MRI data; 3) experience with typical neuroimaging software packages - either EEG (e.g., EEGLAB, BrainVision) and/or fMRI/MRI/DTI (e.g., FSL, AFNI, SPM, Freesurfer); 4) experience implementing quality coding, particularly with python, unix and/or matlab; and 5) the beginnings of a strong publication record. 
Preference will be given to candidates who additionally have: 1) experience working with individuals with mood disorders or aging; and 2) have previous experience with advanced analytic techniques (e.g., multivariate approaches, machine learning, and/or graph theory).
Interested persons may send their CV and a cover letter to David Schnyer.