Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford Memory Lab, Stanford University, USA


The Stanford Memory Lab is seeking to recruit a postdoctoral fellow to collaborate on a large-scale study of memory, aging, and medial temporal lobe function. The fellow will play a lead role in examining individual differences in memory among healthy older adults, using a multi-modal approach that combines behavioral and neuroimaging techniques. The project includes ultra-high resolution structural 7T MRI of the medial temporal lobe, multi-voxel pattern analysis of high-resolution whole-brain 3T fMRI, and CSF measures of Alzheimer’s pathology. The ideal candidate will have extensive experience in fMRI data collection and analysis, including strong programming skills and expertise in multi-voxel pattern analysis. In addition to their role on this large-scale study, the fellow will have additional opportunities to initiate other functional neuroimaging (fMRI and EEG) studies on related topics and to collaborate with lab members on topics of mutual interest.
To apply, please send a CV and two letters of recommendation to Prof. Anthony Wagner