Postdoc position in “Orthographic and chunking processes in baboons”, Laboratoire de Psychologie Cognitive, Aix-Marseille University and CNRS Primate Research Center, Rousset-sur-Arc, France

The position is sponsored by the ERC grant “POP-R: parallel orthographic processing and reading” (PI: Jonathan Grainger) and the ANR grant “Chunked: implicit and explicit chunking processes” (co-PI: Arnaud Rey). The candidate will work on comparative (human/nonhuman primate) behavioral studies investigating the cognitive processes at the core in these two research projects (i.e., orthographic and chunking processes). 
The postdoc will work in close connection with Joël Fagot at the CNRS primate research center and will have access to the world unique Primate Cognition and Behavior platform where a group of baboons has a free and permanent access to batteries of operant conditioning test systems (see Fagot & Bonté, 2010, BRM; Grainger et al., 2012, Science; Rey et al., 2018, Topics in Cog. Sci.).
Starting date is January - June 2019.
Please send your motivation letter and your CV to Joël FagotJonathan Grainger and Arnaud Rey).