Post-doc Position in Visual Science


Bar Ilan University, Israel

Our new Visual Science and Optometry department in Bar Ilan is seeking highly motivated individuals for post-doc, PhD and MSc studies, to be involved in exciting research in visual sciences from brain and cognition mechanisms supporting visual perception, to retinal research. Our research involves multiple research techniques [such as human brain imaging (MRI, fMRI, and EEG), eye movement analyses, perceptual training techniques, visual and neuropsychological examinations, retinal implants, in-vitro electrophysiology, patch-clamp, calcium imaging, neural stem cell facility, and virtual reality]. We study normal and atypical vision (developmental or acquired cases) across the lifespan, including acquired but also developmental cases of visual perception deficits. We also investigate how visual correction paradigms influence visual functions in deficient vision conditions.   

Enthusiastic candidates with backgrounds in neuroimaging, cognitive or computational neuroscience, optometry, psychology, computer science, mathematics, engineering or physics, with excellent collaboration skills, capable of initiating and leading novel research projects are encouraged to contact us (see below). 

The PhD/post-doc work would require experience and good programming skills (as in Matlab, C/C++), strong written and verbal communication skills, and proficient knowledge of English. 

Preference will be given to candidates with strong neuroimaging, computational, or quantitative background. However, applicants with strong background in related disciplines of cognitive neuroscience are welcome to apply. 

Please email your CV. PhD and post-doc applicants should also include a statement of research interests, and two letters of recommendation from academic references sent directly to us.

For more information please contact our research team:

Prof. Uri Polat                     email:                     

Dr. Yoram Bonneh              email:      

Dr. Sharon Gilaie-Dotan      email:                

Dr. Yossi Mandel                email:        

and see