PhD position in Cognitive Psychology at Liverpool Hope University


Liverpool Hope University invites applications for a fully funded PhD position.

Title of the project: Empirical investigations of the sensory-motor account of vision – How action planning affects perception

Principal Investigator: Prof Michael Ziessler

Duration: 3 years

Entry: October 2015

Application deadline for full applications: 16th September 2015

Funding includes the full tuition fees and a monthly maintenance grant for a full-time doctoral study.

For details of the scholarships and the application process please download the PhD Scholarships information sheet from the University website (,47420,en.pdf) or contact Research Officer Mr Chris Lowry quoting “2015 Vice-Chancellor’s PhD Scholarships” in the subject line at

The aim of the project consists in a systematic exploration of the interaction between sensory processes and motor control in perception. According to O’Regan & Noe’s (2001) sensory-motor account of vision, visual perception is determined by sensory-motor contingencies. The theory assumes that visual perception depends on the rules how movements of the observer including movements of the eyes change the appearance of the outside world on the retina. In other words, the information for visual perception is not the sensory information from the retina itself, but the effects of the observer’s voluntary movements on the retinal stimulation. If this is correct, the experimental manipulation of the voluntary movement effects should change the perception of the environment.

For further details about the project please contact Prof Michael Ziessler (