PhD position at the Cognitive Control Lab, Greifswald University, Germany


The Cognitive Control Lab of Prof. Rico Fischer at the University of Greifswald (Germany) is offering a three-year part-time position for a PhD student (starting April 2017 or later).

The lab’s central research areas include functions of cognitive control and the neurocognitive mechanisms underlying purposeful and goal-directed behavior. We address questions of how humans exert self-control, regulate emotions, coordinate multiple task performance, implement intentions in working memory and realize situation appropriate behavior. We pursue a cognitive-experimental approach in combination with a variety of cognitive- neuroscience and psychoneuroendocrinological techniques.

We are seeking an enthusiastic candidate with a MA or Diplom degree in Psychology or related fields (e.g., Cognitive Neuroscience). The applicant should have a strong background in Experimental Psychology and/or Cognitive Neuroscience and should have extensive knowledge in Research Methods/Statistics (e.g., SPSS). The successful candidate is expected to write research articles in English and to master experimental programming (e.g., Presentation, Eprime, Open Sesame). The position further requires participation in teaching (one course per term) in Cognitive Psychology and/or Research Methods (teaching in English is possible).

Interested candidates should send a CV, certificates, a brief statement of research interests, and the name and contact details of at least one academic reference per e-mail to Prof. Rico Fischer. Applications will be considered until the position is filled.