2-years postdoc, Andalucia

The Andalucia’s government (Spain) has just announced a 2-year postdoc grant with excellent conditions to carry out research in south Spain (http://www.juntadeandalucia.es/economiainnovacionyciencia/talentia/?q=node/11787).

The grant consists of a 24 months contract including:
1)     Gross salary: 52295.34 euros
2)     Travelling allowance: (total for the 2 years)
a.       Europe-Europe: 627.54 euros (1255.09 euros if travelling with family)
b.      Europe-America: 1568.86 euros (3137.72 euros if travelling with family)
c.       Europe-Asia/rest of the word: 2091.81 euros (4183.63 euros if travelling with family)
3)     Mobility allowance: 5020,35 euros/year (8785.62 euros/year if travelling with family.
4)     Research project: 5020.35 euros (if research is not done in a lab), 7530.53 euros for lab research.

The University of Granada has just inaugurated a new research center, the Brain, Mind and Behavior Research Center (CIMCYC-UGR; http://cimcyc.ugr.es). The centre shares the goal of understanding how mental processes and behaviour emerge from normal brain activity, and how behavioral problems relate to the breakdown of brain functioning. CIMCYCis composed by several research teams devoted to the study of all aspects of Psychology, encompassing Clinical and Health Psychology, Human Development, Applied Psychology, Higher Cognitive functions and social interactions.

Home to the Functional Magnetic Resonance Unit of the University of Granada, the leading neuroimaging tool of Southern Spain, the CIMCYC hosts and trains over 250 researchers, and hold collaborations with over 50 researchers throughout the world.

We will be pleased to support applications from post-doc researchers (who should have defended their PhD no longer than 10 years ago). We are mainly interested in profiles for professionals with proven experience in research employing MRI in humans, from the field of psychology, biology, physics, or engineering, who are proficient in the acquisition and analysis of MRI human data.

Applications are to be filled-in in Spanish (help can be provided if needed), although projects can be written in English. The research project should not exceed one page in length, and should include two further sections specifying the impact of the scholarship for the applicant’s career development and the relevance and impact for research performed in Andalucia (with no specified word count).

Deadline for final application ist the 26th April 2014 and the resolution is expected for the 26th July 2014.

For any further information please contact Teresa Bajo (mbajo@ugr.es)  or Maria Ruz (mruz@ugr.es)