2 Postdoc Positions, Donders Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging

2 Postdoc Positions available
Big Question 4
We aim to characterise variation in language processing and learning skills and to determine how these variations relate to those in the underlying biology of individual participants. The project has two strands: Strand A focuses on language processing skills in young adults, and Strand B on language learning skills in children and adults. Strand A will develop a comprehensive battery of language tasks targeting sound, meaning, and grammatical processing of words and longer utterances during speaking and listening. In addition, tasks will be selected or developed assessing general cognitive skills that are likely to affect performance in language tasks. The battery will be normed on a demographically representative sample of 1000 young adults (aged 18-30 years). Strand B uses variability in learning ability to investigate why second-language acquisition can become harder in adulthood. It will consist of two sub-projects, one on grammar learning and one on word learning. In each sub-project, a large number of child, adolescent and adult Dutch participants (aged 8-30 years) will be tested using behavioural and neuroimaging techniques. Two four-year full-time positions are currently open. The preferred starting date for both positions is September 1st 2018. For more information about the positions please visit www.languageininteraction.nl. To apply please use the following link.
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