Symposia at ESCoP 2017


Over 30 proposals for themed symposia relating to all topics of human cognition have been accepted:

1.      Recent Trends in Expertise Research (Merim Bilalić, & Ralf Krampe)

2.      Prospective Memory: Recent theoretical advances and new empirical findings (Jan Rummel)

3.      Working memory from childhood to adulthood: What influences memory performance? (Andria Shimi & Candice Morey)

4.      Plasticity in human multitasking (Edita Poljac, Hermann Müller, Andrea Kiesel, & Iring Koch)

5.      Understanding Very Large Numbers (Michal Pinhas & David Landy)

6.     Exploring the sense of agency from sensorimotor processes to joint action: a hierarchical perspective (Nora Sidarus & Frederike Beyer)

7.     Self-monitoring in Speech Production  (Rob Hartsuiker & Andreas Lind)

8.     Cognitive control in aging (Katharina Schnitzspahn)

9.      Mixed-effects models in Cognitive Psychology (Audrey Buerki & Titus von der Malsburg)

10.  Introspective experiences and adaptive behavior (B. Burle & Wim Gevers)

11.  Contingency Learning, Binding, and Their Interrelations (James R. Schmidt, Carina Giesen, Klaus Rothermund) TO BE HELD ON MONDAY

12.  How aging affects language processing: lexical access and grammatical computation (Jana Reifegerste & Kristin Prehn)

13.  Insight-Based Problem Solving: The Roles of Convergent and Divergent Thinking and Attentional Processes (Linden Ball)

14.  What the hands can say about the mind - Theoretical and technical insights on the

mouse tracking methodology (Simone Sulpizio & Antonio Calcagni)

15.  Timing in Cognitive Multitasking: Different Perspectives and Approaches (Fang Zhao

& Stefanie Aufschnaiter) 

16.  Recent developments in measuring and testing awareness (Guido Hesselmann)

17.  Current directions in voluntary task switching (Kerstin Fröber) 

18.  Neurocognitive Aspects of math anxiety (Orly Rubinsten, Hili Eidlin Levy & Noam Bialik)

19.  Accents and Dialects (Alissa Melinger)

20.  Spatial Cognition and navigation (Marios Avraamides)

21.  Cognition at the brink of failure: The multiple facets of auditory distraction (Stefan

Berti & Janos Horvath)

22.  Instruction-based Automaticity (Christina Pfeuffer & Baptist Liefooghe)

23.  Mechanisms of forgetting in working memory (Alexander Soemer & Satoru Saito)

24.  Improving the Reliability, Resilience, and Impact of Cognitive Psychology (Stephan Lewandowsky & Klaus Oberauer) 

25.  Tracking the focus of attention in visual working memory (Alessandra Souza)

26.  On the challenges that cognitive psychology currently faces (Jan De Houwer and

Frederick Verbruggen)

27.  Current developments in task-switching research (Stefanie Schuch & Bruno Kopp)

28.  Perceptual consequences of action (Miriam Ruess & Roland Thomaschke)

29.  Megastudies and big data in language research (Marc Brysbaert)

30.  Symbolic or Grounded? Abstract meaning in the human mind and brain (Friedemann Pulvermüller)  

31.  Applications of Embodied Cognition to STEM Education (Nora Newcombe)