ESCoP Elections

We invite all full members to nominate candidates for the Committee members and President-Elect position. Nominations should be sent to the member of ESCoP Executive Board responsible for the elections, Michal Wierzchon. Please submit the nominations by 17th of October 2018. Elections will be held in October. For the procedure of nominations see Article 17 of the ESCoP Constitution.

Article 17. Every two years an election will be organized by mail ballot. Two months before the start of this election, the Secretary shall seek nominations for elected Committee members and shall set a deadline for receipt of nominations at the Secretary's address at least one month after the call for nominations has been posted to members. Nominations should be made in writing by one Full member of the Society, and seconded by at least three other Full members. The Secretary will refrain from nominating or seconding candidates. At least one of the seconders should have their primary affiliation in a country different to that of the person making the nomination. The candidate should give his or her written consent to being nominated. Nominations should indicate whether the nomination is for President-Elect, other elected Committee member or (in rare circumstances when this is needed) President. Members of the Committee are also entitled to propose candidates for the vacant offices.