ESCoP Early Career Publication Award


The ESCoP Early Career Stimulus Award was awarded to Kobe Desender (Vrije Universiteit Brussel). The awarded paper is: Feeling the Conflict: The Crucial Role of Conflict Experience in Adaptation (Psychological Science, 25(3), 675-683).

For the Early Career publication Award, ESCoP received 9 proposals, among which one was disqualified, due to a date of acceptance of her paper in 2014. A selection committee was composed of three members of the Executive Committee, namely Jonathan Grainger, Avishai Henik, and Valerie Camos. Each member of the selection committee read and ranked independendly the papers. The paper by Kobe Desender and collaborators, entitled "Feeling the Conflict: The Crucial Role of Conflict Experience in Adaptation" and published in Psychological Science was clearly preferred. This study examined the role of conflict experience in cognitive adaptation to conflict, and showed that the experience of conflict, and not response conflict per se, is a crucial factor underlying cognitive adaptation effects. These results will have far reaching implications on future research in the area of cognitive control.