Candidates for ESCoP President-Elect and the Committee members

Michał Wierzchoń
President Elect Position
Andrea Kiesel

I am a cognitive psychologist working at the University in Freiburg, Breisgau (Germany) since 2015. Before I was at the University in Wuerzburg working with Joachim Hoffmann and Wilfried Kunde and I did a short Postdoc at the University of Otago in the lab of Jeff Miller. I learned about ESCoP in 1996, when I was a student helping in the ESCoP conference organized by Joachim Hoffmann in Wuerzburg. Later I was member of the executive committee of ESCoP and I served as treasurer (2010-2013). In my research I am interested in action control, multitasking, perception and processing of time and unconscious cognition. I was associate editor for JEP:LMC, Experimental Psychology and I am reviewing regularly for research councils and many different journals. More information about my research and publications are available on the website

My main aim for ESCoP is to maintain and even increase its role as key player in experimental psychology. This involves the organization of exciting conferences and bringing forward open science by publishing an excellent open access journal – the “Journal of Cognition”.

Committee members

Sebastiaan Mathôt

I currently work at the University of Groningen. On the way there, I first obtained my PhD at the VU University Amsterdam under supervision of Jan Theeuwes, before moving to the Laboratoire de Psychologie Cognitive in Marseille, where I worked with Jonathan Grainger. Having worked with these two former presidents of ESCoP, I naturally became interested (and peripherally involved) in the organization, notably of the new open-access Journal of Cognition. In the future (should I be elected to the board of ESCoP), I intend to further establish ESCoP as an inclusive, progressive, and international organization that promotes fundamental cognitive psychology, as well as scientific values of transparency and collaboration. Practically, this means the organization of a vibrant conference, and the continued success of the new journal.

My research focuses on eye movements and pupil size, and I very recently published a review article on this topic in (yes!) Journal of Cognition. In addition to my research, I am the main developer of OpenSesame, an open-source software package for developing psychology experiments that is sponsored, among others, by ESCoP.

Evie Vergauwe

I am a Research Fellow at the University of Geneva (Switzerland) and currently a visiting scientist at the University of Padova (Italy). I obtained my Bachelor and Master degrees at Ghent University (Belgium) and my PhD degree at the University of Geneva (Switzerland). I have done a research internship at the University of Burgundy (France) and have been a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Missouri (USA). I am a cognitive psychologist with a main focus on working memory and attention. My first ESCoP conference was the 2007 conference in Marseille, and I have presented at most of the conferences ever since. I am a member of the editorial board of ESCoP’s new, open access journal, Journal of Cognition. Since September 2017, I am serving as Secretary on the ESCoP Executive Committee and I look forward to continuing to contribute to ESCoP in this role. My aim for ESCoP is to consolidate its position as the largest association of cognitive psychologists in Europe, to increase the strength and international visibility of the European cognitive psychology community, and to support the growth of our society’s new journal. I explicitly support diversity and open science.