Bertelson Award 2016

The 2016 Bertelson Award was given to Dr Michael Banissy.
Dr Banissy’s work is characterised by broad and exciting research. He has contributed to several diverse research areas including synaesthesia, social cognition, and face recognition. His work on mirror-touch synaesthesia is particularly novel and the links he has made between the neuropsychological study of this condition and social cognition have created a novel cross-disciplinary research area. Moreover, his work on empathy has contributed to the development of neurocognitive models of empathy. Dr Banissy has an exceptional publication record. Since 2010, when his PhD was awarded, he has produced over fifty scientific publications including articles in leading academic journals. In addition, Dr Banissy has been very successful in attracting financial support for his research. The breadth of his work is not only seen in scientific contributions, but also in his engagement to bring science to the public and his effort in connecting science to art.