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Journal of Cognition is accepting submissions

ESCoP’s new open-access journal, Journal of Cognition, is accepting submissions. The Journal of Cognition provides a rigorous alternative for researchers who want to make their work publicly available but worry about the standards of quality of open-access journals. We aim to make the Journal of Cognition the first choice ...


ESCoP 2017: Extended Submission deadline

The 20th meeting of the European Society for Cognitive Psychology will take place from 3-6 September 2017 in Potsdam near Berlin/Germany, with over 30 symposia and several attractive keynotes and social events (for details, see

We have extended the impeding deadline for one week, so ...


Call for New Logo Design for the European Society for Cognitive Psychology

Submission deadline extended: 31 July 2017

The European Society for Cognitive Psychology has announced its new logo contest. We are inviting interested members to submit a new design for ESCoP’s logo. This logo will represent the European Society for Cognitive Psychology on the web, in publications, and in other ...


The first ESCoP 2017 Satellite: Cognitive Enhancement

The first ESCoP Satellite  on Cognitive Enhancement will be held on 3 September 2017

Cognitive enhancement is the use of any means (e.g., brain stimulation, meditation, physical exercise, life style, or food supplements) aimed at enhancing performance in healthy individuals. The aim of the meeting is to pursue a ...


Symposia at ESCoP 2017

Over 30 proposals for themed symposia relating to all topics of human cognition have been accepted:

1.      Recent Trends in Expertise Research (Merim Bilalić, & Ralf Krampe)

2.      Prospective Memory: Recent theoretical advances and new empirical findings (Jan Rummel)

3.      Working memory from childhood to adulthood: What influences memory performance? (Andria ...


ESCoP Early Career Publication Award 2016 given to dr Efthymia Kapnoula

Awarded paper: Kapnoula, E. C., & McMurray, B. (2016). Training alters the resolution of lexical interference: Evidence for plasticity of competition and inhibition. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 145(1), 8-30.



Winter School "Human Action Control: Current Theories and Debates"

Tübingen, Germany
13-16 February 2017

Once called the Cinderella of Psychology, research on human action control has attracted much research in the last decades within fields like Cognitive Psychology, Cognitive Sciences, Movement Sciences, Robotics, or Philosophy. This Winter School brings together internationally recognized experts (among others: David Rosenbaum, Bernhard ...


Bertelson Award 2016

The 2016 Bertelson Award was given to Dr Michael Banissy.
Dr Banissy’s work is characterised by broad and exciting research. He has contributed to several diverse research areas including synaesthesia, social cognition, and face recognition. His work on mirror-touch synaesthesia is particularly novel and the links he has made ...

The European Working Memory Symposium

The European Working Memory Symposium (EWOMS) is a regular satellite meeting of ESCoP which takes place every two years. The EWOMS-VIII meeting will take place from August 31 to September 2 at the University of Liège in Belgium. The conference theme will be "Cognitive and neural models of working ...

ESCoP Thematic Meeting: The European Workshop on Imagery and Cognition

The European Workshop on Imagery and Cognition (EWIC 2016) is a biennial meeting that has provided invaluable opportunities for many scientists to exchange their views and findings in the domain of mental imagery and cognition since its beginning in Orsay (France) in 1986.

This scientific meeting is devoted to the ...


A call for papers on the topic of: Domain-general factors influencing numerical and arithmetic processing in the Journal of Numerical Cognition

Submissions to this special issue of the Journal of Numerical Cognition, guest-edited by André Knops (Humboldt University, Germany), Hans-Christoph Nuerk (University of Tuebingen, Germany) and Silke Goebel (University of York, UK), are now welcome (Deadline: 30 April 2016). The aim of this special issue is to assemble current research on ...


ESCoP Summer School 2016 on “Computational and Mathematical Modelling of Cognition”

Most areas of cognitive psychology have recognized the power of computational and mathematical models and have embraced their benefits to rigorous theorizing. One illustration of this trend is the growing popularity of Bayesian approaches to cognitive modelling.

This powerful trend comes, however, at a cost: The complexity of models and ...


Call for 2016 Special Issue Proposals

Deadline: 1 April 2015

The Journal of Cognitive Psychology (JCP) invites proposals for a special issue on a topic related to the focus of JCP: all areas of research in cognitive psychology, including research that adopts a neuroscience approach to human functioning are appropriate. Special issues provide an excellent opportunity ...


Announcing the launch of the Journal of Numerical Cognition

A warm welcome from the Journal of Numerical Cognition, which is now open for submissions.

You might be asking yourself: why is there a need for (yet another) new journal? Despite the number of current publication outlets that already exist ...

ESCoP Bertelson Award

Bertelson Award 2015 goes to Zaira Cattaneo.

Every two years an outstanding young scientist receives the Paul Bertelson Award for making a significant contribution to European Cognitive Psychology. In response to our call we received excellent nominations. A committee consisting of  Jonathan Grainger, Avishai Henik, Andrea Kiesel  and Stephen Monsell ...


ESCoP Early Career Publication Award

The ESCoP Early Career Stimulus Award was awarded to Kobe Desender (Vrije Universiteit Brussel). The awarded paper is: Feeling the Conflict: The Crucial Role of Conflict Experience in Adaptation (Psychological Science, 25(3), 675-683).

For the Early Career publication Award, ESCoP received 9 proposals, among which one was disqualified, due ...


Call for nominations for the Committee members

At the end of this year, Valerie Camos and Stephen Monsell will end their terms and leave the Committee. Accordingly, two new committee members must be elected. At the same time Jonathan Grainger will become ESCoP President leaving the President-elect position vacant. We invite all full members to nominate candidates ...

Elections for the President-Elect and Committee members

The elections have been completed. It is our pleasure to announce that Jonathan Grainger (Université d'Aix-Marseille) has been elected as a new President - Elect. Francesca Peressotti (University of Padua), Marc Brysbaert (Ghent University) and Avishai Henik (Ben Gurion University of the Negev) have been elected as a new committee ...