WoRLD: Workshop on Reading, Language and Deafness


San Sebastián, Spain
18-20 October 2018

This workshop aims to bring together experts and researchers on the neurocognition of language in deaf individuals and to facilitate the transfer of knowledge between scientists and stakeholders. The topics of the workshop include language processing and development in the context of deafness, and will cover sign language and spoken language in oral and written form.

The workshop program will include invited speakers, regular talks, panel discussions, and poster sessions. The workshop language is English; International Sign interpretation will be provided if required.

Keynote speakers
David Corina – University of California, Davis, USA.
Karen Emmorey – University of California, San Diego, USA.
Mairéad MacSweeney – University College London, United Kingdom.
Anu Sharma – University of Colorado Boulder, USA.
Bencie Woll – University College London, United Kingdom.
Christine Yoshinago-Itano – University of Colorado Boulder, USA.

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The scientific part of the workshop (18th-19th October) will be followed by a one-day event on Saturday 20th October to provide a meeting space for researchers and stakeholders, including deaf individuals, educators, practitioners, and parents. For more information about this event please visit

Abstract submission deadline: 15 May 2018