The 39th Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society: Computational Foundations of Cognition


26-29 July 2017
London, UK

Many cognitive scientists think of computation as a metaphor for thinking about the mind, whereas others consider it a tool for calculating the implications of models. However, neither perspective fully expresses how computation can serve as the foundational theory of how people actively process information in service of control and decision making. By providing a precise means for expressing theories of dynamic systems, computation provides the most promising means of explaining how the human mind, in all of its richness and diversity, can exist in the physical universe. If this promise is to be fulfilled, then greater effort must be made to connect cognitive science theories to computational foundations. This year’s conference provides an opportunity to reinforce the importance of computation in Cognitive Science research but, as always, the conference will also reflect the full breadth of the discipline and of the society’s  membership.