Interactions Between Space, Time and Number: 20 Years of Research


Paris, France, 26 February, 2013

Why are the concepts of number, space, and time so tightly intertwined? Are babies and even animals innately equipped for thinking about them as related magnitudes?

How are these interactions modified by culture and education? What are the brain mechanisms underlying them?

Twenty years after the discovery of the SNARC effect, a workshop in Paris will review the state of our knowledge on these important issues.

It takes place on 26 February at College de France and is co-organized by Stanislas Dehaene, Marco Zorzi, Samuel Shaki, and Martin Fischer.

There are 5 travel bursaries and 2 poster awards for students. Sponsorship was provided by College de France, Ecole de neuroscience, ESCOP, and EPS.

Details can be found here: