Linguistic and Cognitive Influences on Numerical Cognition


Tuebingen, Germany
8-9 September 2017

Numerical cognition is essential in our daily life. It depends on the interaction of numerous domain-general and domain-specific factors. However, linguistic influences on numerical cognition have been neglected for years and it has been argued that central semantic number processing occurs largely without language. Nevertheless, the last years have seen a surge of studies showing that different linguistic aspects exert major influence on virtually all domains of numerical processing. Moreover, various cognitive, affective, and motivational factors have been reported to largely influence numerical processing. Thus, to better understand numerical cognition as well as to develop appropriate educational and interventional approaches, we need to gain a broad perspective on relevant factors. The aim of this workshop is to bring together linguistic and cognitive influences on numerical cognition. Doctoral students are encouraged to present their work to get feedback from leading experts of related fields.


Registration deadline: 31 July 2017