6th International Conference on Spatial Cognition: Space and Situated Cognition (ICSC 2015)

Rome, Italy, 7-11 September, 2015
Abstract submission for the "6th International Conference on Spatial Cognition" (ICSC 2015) is now open and participation is encouraged. The conference will be devoted to "Space and Situated Cognition", exploring the links between the general topic of the conference and an emergent paradigm of cognitive science. All space-related approaches (philosophical, psychological, computational, engineering, neuroscientific, etc.) will be considered. Keynote speakers: Yan Bao (Peking University), William J. Clancey (Florida Institute for Human & Machine Cognition), Saun Gallagher (University of Memphis)Vittorio Gallese (University of Parma), Sergei Gepshtein (Salk Institute for Biological Studies), Susan Goldin-Meadow (University of Chicago), Kevin O’Regan (University of Paris).
Website: www.icsc-rome.org 
Abstract submidssion deadline: 30 January, 2015