The beginning of the 21st century: a story of success 

ESCoP has been around for over twenty years. In a scientific field, which is always very fluid and prone to sudden changes in direction, that is a very long time indeed. Over the time of its existence, the field of cognitive psychology has changed and matured, but ESCoP has remained a constant, reliable factor. Its yearly conferences serve as an overview of what's going on in research, its five hundred members include all major European congnitive psychologists and ESCoP is a very well-known name in the field. In short: the idea that formed in the minds of John Michon and Alan Baddeley in the mid eighties has become a big success. Still in its early twenties, the society is alive and kicking and will most probably remain a factor of importance in the field of cognitive psychology for years to come.

Of course, it is always possible to strive for more. For one thing, like 'Gang of Five' member John Michon points out in the ESCoP today' video in this section, ESCoP could still extend its influence beyond the confines of its own field of research and become more influential in society as a whole. If that happens - or if ESCoP would even want that to happen - is up to its current members, but it is a comforting thought that there are still things to strive for. Not only in science, but also beyond. One good sign, is that the interests of ESCoP already extend inward, to the society and her history, of which this website is a testament.

ESCoP 2000s Video
John Michon tells what he thinks of the ESCoP as it is today and what things he would have done differently, had he remained involved in ESCoP.

The ESCoP meetings
Baddeley shares his experiences with the ESCoP meetings, explains why they are different than 'regular' scientific conferences and tells us if he still attends the meetings today.

The state of society
Alan Baddeley talks about the society as it is today. Is it what they expected it to be when they set out to create ESCoP in the eighties? And is the society still as necessary today as it was back then?



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