About the Society

ESCOP is a large Society with over 800 members, across a range of European countries and beyond. ESCOP's mission is "the furtherance of scientific enquiry within the field of Cognitive Psychology and related subjects, particularly with respect to collaboration and exchange of information between researchers in different European countries".

There are three types of membership within the Society: associated members (postgraduates or postdoctoral researchers who are developing their research career, full members and retired members.

The Society encourages scientific research through the publication of the Journal of Cognition. Other forms of communication include less formal newsletters sent to all members, this website, and an electronic mailing list. The Society also promotes research through its regular conference meetings, has a highly successful programmer of summer schools. It has recently initiated research workshops to act as a catalyst for the establishment and networking of research groups in emerging areas of cognitive psychology.

The Society has a constitution and a committee who oversee the workings of the Society. From relatively humble beginnings, ESCoP has developed into a broad, successful and respected Society that promotes research in cognate subjects. A history of the executive officers of the Society has been compiled and this could be referenced here.